At zofa, we know that sometimes accidents can happen, and we want you to feel safe in the knowledge that it can all be fixed with our protection plans.

With our Castellan protection policy, you can cover your new sofa and protect it from any potential spills, stains, rips and tears for as long as possible.

Whats covered?

Accidental staining and accidental damage provides cover for specific accidental events.

Accidental staining from any substance including, but not limited to:

✔ Food

✔ Drinks

✔ Cosmetics

✔ Ink

✔ Paint

✔ Shoe polish

✔ Dye transfer

✔ Human and animal bodily fluids

✔ Odours to interiors caused by a stain.

Accidental damage including, but not limited to:

✔ Rips

✔ Tears

✔ Burns

✔ Scratches

✔ Punctures

✔ Scuffs

✔ Dents

✔ Chips

✔ Heat ring(s)

✔ Pet damage

✔ Breakage of glass, stone or marble

✔ Breakage of frame components

Valid claims will be settled by cleaning or repairing the damaged product. If parts are required, these will be sourced using the original specification of the product. If the product cannot be cleaned or repaired, we will provide an alternative settlement.

What’s not?

✘ Damage caused deliberately by you or any person

✘ Any damage resulting from wear and tear

✘ The gradual accumulation of damage or staining, accidental or otherwise

✘ Any faults or defects with the product

✘ Changes in colour or damage to of any part of the product caused by sunlight, perspiration, natural hair and body oils or wear and tear

✘ Accidental staining or accidental damage caused by the use of incorrect or inappropriate cleaning products or cleaning methods

✘ Damage caused by any animal other than your pet(s)

✘ Natural characteristics of leather such as brands, bites, tick marks and opened scars

This is not a general cleaning or maintenance contract. As such, cover is not provided for staining or damage, accidental or otherwise, which has occurred or accumulated over a period of time

For full details of all exclusions, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

What are the restrictions?
  • You are 18 or older at the date of purchase
  • You are resident in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • The price of the product(s) purchased has a value of no more than £20,000
  • The product must be used for your own domestic purposes
  • Your product must be new at the start of this policy and free from damage
  • You cannot transfer this insurance to another person
  • The value of a repair, or any alternative settlement, shall not exceed the amount you originally paid for the product.
  • Only available in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man
  • What are my obligations?
    • To take all reasonable precautions to safeguard the product and to avoid loss or damage to it
    • To maintain the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
    • To make a claim as soon as possible, but no longer than 28 days after noticing the damage, as shown in your terms and conditions
    • To supply accurate and complete answers to all the questions we may ask as part of your application for cover under the policy
    • You must pay the total premium in one full payment before the policy starts
    • Castellan insurance plan T&Cs

      Please select up to six fabrics from the below by simply clicking the images.

      Chunky Textured Weave

      The ultimate cosy fabric that is beautifully soft with an easy handle. The fabric has a heavy texture with the structure featuring a tonal weave design, creating a luxurious plush finish.

      Soft Touch Velvet

      A beautifully soft velvet with a modern matt finish. Available in a range of colours and family friendly, with inherent stain resistance. 100% recycled with a GreenFR finish means your sofa won’t cost the earth.

      Luxe Textured Velvet

      Stylish, luxury plush fabric with a rich depth of colour. Featuring an antiqued, textured finish that is super soft to touch.

      Soft Woven Chenille

      A subtle woven texture with an incredibly soft, brushed feel meaning it’s as good to touch as it looks.

      Brushed Wool Feel

      This fabric is a ‌flat woven twill with a natural wool look and lovely soft handle.

      Studio Plain*

      A linen look, soft flat woven polyester with a textured weft creating an elegant overall finish. *Exclusively available to the hush range.


      A sought-after bouclé fabric, offers a wool-like appearance that suits contemporary styles in vogue. Available in Mink & Ivory, the fabric infuses a natural essence into furniture design, aligning perfectly with the current immensely popular trend. *Exclusively available to the Utopia range.

      Cosy Chenille

      A chenille weave fabric with a subtle tonal effect that adds depth and character, a perfect blend of style and comfort.


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