Old Sofa Removal

In with the new, out with the old! You’ve chosen your new zofa and you can’t wait to enjoy relaxing on your newest, favourite, piece of furniture. But what happens to the old sofa that you just want to get rid of? Don’t worry, zofa is here to help.

Say goodbye to your old sofa.

Choosing a new sofa can be exciting. You’ve picked the shape, style, fabric and colour and you’ve settled on the exact place it’s going to live for the next few years. Add to this that you’ve also debated whether to change the carpet, curtains, wall colour, coffee table, pictures….the list of fun stuff goes on and on! However, lurking in the living room is a challenge you don’t want to face. Disposing of your worn out old sofa!

We get it, you definitely don’t want your old sofa to become a temporary piece of garden furniture as you wait for someone to collect it. That’s why we’ve taken the hassle out of the whole situation and we will happily take away the old one as we deliver the new one. How’s about that?

How does it work?

It’s as easy as 1, 2 3!

Step One – When placing your order, tick the box next to “Remove my old sofa”. It needs to be a “like for like” removal where if we are delivering one sofa we will only be able to take one away (two sofas delivered, then you can also have two taken away). There’s a small fee for us to take the old one away and to dispose of it in a safe and environmentally friendly fashion but other than that it’s job done.

Step Two – When we confirm the delivery date of your new sofa, we will take away your old one at the same time.

Step Three – Our team of professionals will carefully deliver your brand new zofa to a room of your choice. They will then take away your old sofa, from indoors or outdoors, as well as disposing of any packaging that comes along with your new arrival.

All sofas then head off to be disposed of in a sustainable and responsible fashion.


Disposing of your old sofa has been made simple with zofa. Here are a few of the commonly asked questions.

Why are you charging me to take away my old sofa?

There are lots of environmental directives associated with safely disposing of household goods, especially sofas. This means we need to do things in the right way and it’s something we are passionate about. Rather than bloating the cost of our sofas and then telling you we offer sofa removal for free we want to keep things as transparent as possible.

It’s zofa’s mission to take the hassle out of buying a new sofa and that means making it easy to get rid of the old one too. Equally as important is that we want to dispose of your old sofa in a sustainable and responsible manner and we’ve worked hard to make this as cost effective for you as possible.

Can you take away more than one sofa?

Yes, we can. However, there are a few things you need to take in to account.

Our sofa removal option is a “like for like” service. This means that if you are buying a new 3 seater then the one we remove needs to be of a similar size. Also, for example, if you buy one sofa then we can only take one away. If you buy more than one sofa we can take the same number (or less) away at the time of delivery.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

How much does it cost to get rid of to my old sofa?

At the moment we charge a fixed rate of £95 to remove your old sofa.

We want you to love the look and feel of your new zofa from the moment you set eyes on it (and sit on it of course). We’ll happily send you a box of fabric samples and who knows, we might throw a little something extra in with it too.

Our Best Sellers

Our sofas, snugglers, stools and scatter cushions are simply the best (there’s a song in there somewhere!). With a lovely range of styles, sizes, colours and fabrics we’re bound to have something for you, your family and even the pets! Here’s just a few of our fan favourites.

Inspiration & Guides

If you need a helping hand with keeping up to date with the latest tips, trends, inspiration and must haves in the world of interior style then look no further, zofa has got you covered.

Please select up to six fabrics from the below by simply clicking the images.

Chunky Textured Weave

The ultimate cosy fabric that is beautifully soft with an easy handle. The fabric has a heavy texture with the structure featuring a tonal weave design, creating a luxurious plush finish.

Soft Touch Velvet

A beautifully soft velvet with a modern matt finish. Available in a range of colours and family friendly, with inherent stain resistance. 100% recycled with a GreenFR finish means your sofa won’t cost the earth.

Luxe Textured Velvet

Stylish, luxury plush fabric with a rich depth of colour. Featuring an antiqued, textured finish that is super soft to touch.

Soft Woven Chenille

A subtle woven texture with an incredibly soft, brushed feel meaning it’s as good to touch as it looks.

Brushed Wool Feel

This fabric is a ‌flat woven twill with a natural wool look and lovely soft handle.

Studio Plain*

A linen look, soft flat woven polyester with a textured weft creating an elegant overall finish. *Exclusively available to the hush range.


A sought-after bouclé fabric, offers a wool-like appearance that suits contemporary styles in vogue. Available in Mink & Ivory, the fabric infuses a natural essence into furniture design, aligning perfectly with the current immensely popular trend. *Exclusively available to the Utopia range.

Cosy Chenille

A chenille weave fabric with a subtle tonal effect that adds depth and character, a perfect blend of style and comfort.


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