The Ultimate Sofa Buying Guide

When you’re ready, grab a brew, get comfy and let’s get going. 

Sofas. We love them, and we want you to love them too. 

We see sofas as less a part of the furniture and more a part of the family. 

A great sofa brings people together. It’s the place where you relax, where you can’t wait to crash at the end of a hard day, and where you spend time making memories with those closest to you. 

At zofa, we see sofas as less a part of the furniture and more a part of the family. 

Taking the hassle out of it. 

The zofa team has been creating perfect sofas for over 40 years, and we know a thing or two about helping you find your perfect match. 

We also think that buying something that’s so synonymous with relaxation should be simple and stress free. That’s why we’re taking the hassle out of it for you with this, our ultimate sofa buying guide.

Before we get started… 

Choosing a new sofa is a big decision. After all, you’re going to be looking at it and sitting on it for many, many years to come. But before you dive into – and fall in love with – our range of beautiful sofas, there are some things to consider. 

In our experience, there are six stages to finding and enjoying your dream sofa. We’ll take you through them one at a time: 


Making sure everything measures up 

Measure twice, buy once

If there’s one time when size really does matter, it’s when buying a new sofa. 

For us, the search for the perfect sofa should always begin with understanding where it’s going to live in your home and how much space you have to play with. 

So, before you settle on a style, it’s time to get your measurements right. 

Start by clearing the space where you see the new sofa going. Then measure the height, length and depth of the area, not forgetting to factor in leg space so you can really stretch out. This will give you the maximum dimensions you have available. 

Next, it’s a good idea to lay out pieces of paper or card on the floor, covering the entire area. This makes a big difference in helping you visualise the space your new sofa could fill. You can also see how easy it will be to move around the room once it’s in place. 

At this stage, remember to consider just how you’re going to get your new sofa to its final destination. Take note of the height and width of the doorways, hallways or staircases that your sofa will have to fit through. 


Choosing the right sofa for your lifestyle 

What’s your style?

Our sofas come in all sorts of styles and sizes, and once you’ve finished measuring up your room, it’s time to choose the right one for you and your lifestyle. But where to start? 

First, there’s size. Are you looking for a four-seater sofa, a three-seater, a two-seater or an armchair for one? Or perhaps a statement corner sofa to act as a focal point for a larger room is more your thing. 

zofa has a sofa for every home. Our living room is very modern in its décor and we wanted a contemporary sofa to compliment it. We ended up choosing the Serenity model because it has classic style but a really modern twist. We love it. 

Kathy, Lincoln

Each sofa frame is made up of quality hardwood and stress-tested to withstand everything that modern family life can throw at it. 


The finishing touch 

It’s all about that finishing touch

Finally, there’s the upholstery. The fabric you choose deserves a lot of thought, as it must match both your lifestyle and your home. 

Consider where your sofa will go, how it’ll be used and who’s going to be using it. If you have a busy home with kids, pets and plenty of little spills and accidents going on, this all informs your upholstery decision. 

But worry not. Whatever homelife has in store, there’s a fabric that’s up to the job. 

From our Chunky Textured Weave and Soft Woven Chenille, to our luxurious Soft Touch Velvet and Luxe Textured Velvet fabrics, we have the perfect range of durability, versatility and luxury. Not to mention a range of colours to make your heart sing. 

Our easy care and long-life zof-flex seat cushions offer maximum durability and comfort. 


Thinking about delivery 

We know what you’re thinking… will it fit? 

Even if you’ve measured your room a thousand times and are positive that your new sofa will fit, delivery day is always an exciting and nerve-racking affair.

The main stress that people have is around whether their sofa will fit into the house at all. 

To ensure you’ve covered every base, ask yourself: 

• Will it fit through the door frames? 

• Are there any obstacles like stair bannisters to consider? 

• Is there enough room for the delivery men to manoeuvre the sofa? 

To work out if there might be an issue, double check the minimum access width on your sofa’s product description before buying. This will show how wide the hallways and entrances need to be. 

Think about the length of the sofa too. If there are any tight obstacles or corners to negotiate – and the sofa needs to carried on its end – make sure there’s enough clearance to do this. 

Also, if you live in a flat, check to see if your building has a service area and service lift – this could make life easier. If not, check the measurements of your resident lift or stairwell against the sofa dimensions. 

This might all seem like a lot of work, but trust us, once you’re sure there will be no problems on the day, you can enjoy the experience of meeting your brand new sofa. 


Ensuring delivery day goes smoothly 

Getting everything ready for delivery day

It’s finally happening. You’ve booked your delivery slot and your new sofa is on its way. Now, with a little research in advance you can avoid any surprises on the day and keep everything moving without a hitch. 

Check who is delivering your sofa and if there’s anything that they specify about delivery. Sometimes this can include only carrying the sofa a certain distance or not carrying it upstairs. If you have any concerns, ask the question upfront – better that than finding out on delivery day. 

Also, clearing the room prior to delivery will help speed up the process when your furniture arrives. 


Taking care of your new sofa 

Looking after your new sofa

A new sofa is a big investment, and we know you want to get the most for your money. 

A new sofa is a big investment, and we know you want to get the most for your money. That’s why it’s reassuring to know that every zofa sofa is built with love and built to last, using quality materials and expert craftsmanship. 

With a little care, you’ll be enjoying your zofa sofa for years to come. But unfortunately, wear and tear does happen – nothing good lasts forever, after all. 

Over time, you may notice a little problem or two, such as a thinning of the upholstery, stains, and maybe even some pet or child damage. 

That’s life, but we’re here to make life as easy as possible.

It’s reassuring to know that every zofa sofa is built with love and built to last, using quality materials. 


Getting rid of your old sofa 

When it’s time to say goodbye to your old sofa 

Buying a new sofa invariably means replacing your old one. 

If there’s still life in the old dog, you could consider donating it to a charity, or even using one of the many free-cycling options available to give someone else a chance to enjoy it. 

But if it really has seen better days, you can dispose of it in a number of ways: 

• Your local council may take it away for a small fee. Check with your council office for details 

• You could take it to your local recycling centre 

• You could take advantage of our zofa removal service, where we take care of everything 

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and our commitment goes far beyond manufacturing our sofas in the most sustainable way possible. By helping customers with the removal of their old sofa – and disposing of it in the right way – we play our part in minimising the impact that we as an industry have on the environment. 

John, zofa

We want you to love the look and feel of your new zofa from the moment you set eyes on it (and sit on it of course). We’ll happily send you a box of fabric samples and who knows, we might throw a little something extra in with it too.

Our Best Sellers

Our sofas, snugglers, stools and scatter cushions are simply the best (there’s a song in there somewhere!). With a lovely range of styles, sizes, colours and fabrics we’re bound to have something for you, your family and even the pets! Here’s just a few of our fan favourites.

Inspiration & Guides

If you need a helping hand with keeping up to date with the latest tips, trends, inspiration and must haves in the world of interior style then look no further, zofa has got you covered.

Please select up to six fabrics from the below by simply clicking the images.

Chunky Textured Weave

The ultimate cosy fabric that is beautifully soft with an easy handle. The fabric has a heavy texture with the structure featuring a tonal weave design, creating a luxurious plush finish.

Soft Touch Velvet

A beautifully soft velvet with a modern matt finish. Available in a range of colours and family friendly, with inherent stain resistance. 100% recycled with a GreenFR finish means your sofa won’t cost the earth.

Luxe Textured Velvet

Stylish, luxury plush fabric with a rich depth of colour. Featuring an antiqued, textured finish that is super soft to touch.

Soft Woven Chenille

A subtle woven texture with an incredibly soft, brushed feel meaning it’s as good to touch as it looks.

Brushed Wool Feel

This fabric is a ‌flat woven twill with a natural wool look and lovely soft handle.

Studio Plain*

A linen look, soft flat woven polyester with a textured weft creating an elegant overall finish. *Exclusively available to the hush range.


A sought-after bouclé fabric, offers a wool-like appearance that suits contemporary styles in vogue. Available in Mink & Ivory, the fabric infuses a natural essence into furniture design, aligning perfectly with the current immensely popular trend. *Exclusively available to the Utopia range.

Cosy Chenille

A chenille weave fabric with a subtle tonal effect that adds depth and character, a perfect blend of style and comfort.


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