Swan Aqua Ironing Board





Swan Aqua Ironing Board Ironing is one of those household chores that everybody hates, avoiding it at all costs. This Swan ironing board changes all that though, with a fab blue cover and a large 43 x 122 cm surface area that helps make light work of even bedding. The frame is made from durable steel and has plastic grips on the feet for extra stability, and it includes a space to rest the iron while it’s hot, along with a rack underneath that can hold up to 10kg of washing. The height is also adjustable up to 96 cm, meaning this folding ironing board is as functional as it is funky. Depth: 1 CM Height: 164 CM Width: 43 CM surface area 43x122cm adjustable height to 96cm includes iron rest and garment rack weight limit 10KG Aqua print deisgn

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