Smart Solar 100 White Led Solar Powered Light String





Smart Solar 100 White LED Light String This Smart Solar LED Solar Powered Light String is perfect for illuminating your outdoor areas. With 100 white bulbs you can drape it over shrubs, across your trellis or around a parasol or doorway for a magical glow. It’s completely solar powered too, so there’s no need for wiring or installation – simply string it up and enjoy. The string is powered by a separate solar panel, so it’s ideal for bringing light to shady areas of your garden. It offers up to 6 hours of light per full charge too, so you can enjoy your outdoor space even after the sun goes down. Useful info: 100 energy-saving LED white lights Powered by a separate solar panel Up to 6 hours of light from a full charge Automatically illuminates during darkness No wiring required String length 11.9 m (2 m lead cable to first LED) Smart Solar LED Solar Powered Light String

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