Plum Spider Monkey Swing Set





Transform your garden into a play paradise Features a giant circular web swing seat that carries two riders High-quality Meets safety standards 12 month manufacturer’s warranty against wood rot and insect damage Calling all little monkeys! The Plum Spider Monkey Swing Set is the perfect addition to any garden, transforming your outdoor area into a kids fun, play paradise as well as encouraging healthy exercise. The giant circular web swing seat is big enough for two children to play on at once. Children can sit, kneel or lay on the sturdy swing seat, which has soft feel ropes for comfort and durability. The round pole premium FSC® certified timber is pressure treated for extra strength. The swing set top bar is 100mm in diameter and the legs are 80mm in diameter making a highly robust frame. Metal swing attachments encircle the pole so no drilling is required, maintaining the strength and integrity of the timber. The sturdy frame also has wooden cross braces giving the swing extra stability. Enjoy peace of mind that children are riding a high-quality swing set, with safety standards at the centre of its design. Please note: Please allow a 2m safety perimeter Maximum of 2 users Box 1 dims: 35x33x26cm Box 2 dims: 72x28x12.5cm Box 3 dims: 240x10x10cm Box 4 dims: 234x17x17cm

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