Mamas & Papas Classic Baby Carrier

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Mamas & Papas CLASSIC BABY CARRIER Classic Baby Carrier is an easy to use classic carrier design that gives ergonomic comfort and support for baby and for you. Having your baby close to your body lets them hear your heartbeat and smell your scent, reassuring and comforting baby and encouraging the bond between parents and baby while they feel safe and secure. Also as baby is upright in a carrier, they help ease discomfort for babies with colic, reflux or wind, and facing forward as they grow is stimulating as they see their new world ahead of them. Another huge benefit for you is you can be hands-free in your day to day life, and have baby with you at all times – indoor and outdoor! Why Buy Me: Easy to place baby down without waking – the front opening is easily unclipped to drop the front of the carrier away from baby letting you lay them down with no disturbance. Structured head, back and hip support – gives baby a comfortable position facing inward to parent or fold the front down for baby to face forward. Add length to the base of the carrier – with simple extension as your baby grows ensuring they are always in the ergonomically correct position for baby’s head and legs. Features and Benefits: Simple to use – two-piece structured carrier. Allows baby’s weight to be distributed evenly. Allows you to travel hands-free but keep your little one with you. Use on your own – no need for help putting baby in. Soft padding internally keeps baby snug and protected. Simple to adjust to fit to you and your baby’s shape. Classic includes: harness, pod and free dummy holder. Age suitability: Birth – childs weight: 3.5kg – 12kg. Colours: Black, Red. Depth: 0 MM Height: 0 MM Width: 0 MM

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