Cartier Baiser Volé Body Lotion, 200ml




A luxurious body lotion scented with Cartier’s Baiser Volé perfume. Baiser Volé is a perfume of passion. It represents the urgency of living the present moment in the whirlwind of life, whose fragrant setting showcases the transparency of an elusive flower, the presence of a lingering scent and the choice of candid style. It is not a fragrance, but a flower. A simple lily, yet one that is complete with a leaf-stamen-petal. It is not an invitation, but an impromptu theft. Just an urgent kiss that cannot wait. A sudden urge …so pure, so real…A gentle, longed-for floral embrace. With a Baiser Vol&eacute or stolen kiss, everything falls away. A bold challenge created by Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent. It features bouquet of flowers, powdered vanilla tinged lily, transparent water and the freshness of a waxed leaf; silky flesh and sensual.

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